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Classroom Standards

Guidelines for ISSA course classrooms.

Obligatory standards

  • The classroom should be located away from noise-generating activities.
  • Prioritize natural light in the classroom over other.
  • Ample space shall be provided in the classroom design for the programmed seating configuration.
  • As far as possible, physically comfortable operative temperatures in the room should be maintained.
  • A good ventilation that is appropriate to the size of the room and its occupancy rate must be provided.
  • Marker board, projection screen or other adequate equivalents.
  • Every student should have his own seat and desk as well as access to electrical socket.
  • Every student has to have unobstructed view of the presentation area, the displays, marker boards, etc.
  • The toilets should be located in the classroom vicinity.

Premium Standards

  • The front wall of the room behind the instructor area should have no protrusions (structural or otherwise) into the room so that, marker boards, projection screens or information displays can be installed across the entire wall of the presenter area.
  • Adequate ceiling height shall be provided allowing an unobstructed view of properly sized information displays.
  • There should be no columns in the classroom. Columns placed within the room’s interior space severely hamper room arrangement and student viewing of the instructor and visual aids.
  • Classroom aspect ratio should not exceed 3:2.
  • Dimmable and pre-programmed lighting with assigned “lighting zones” to optimize room flexibility and improve visibility (eg. Disable light fixtures at projection screen).
  • Classroom furniture should be movable for quick reconfiguration.