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We are the International Sailing Schools Association. Our courses are fresh, standardised, and highly regarded for their quality and rigour.

Take an ISSA sailing course at one of our partner sailing schools  and become part of our global community.

Why Get Certified?

Training and certification means more than confidence on the water

Obtaining sailing qualifications offers numerous benefits, including personal development and adventure, safety on the water, career opportunities, and the ability to charter boats.

Charter with Confidence

Enjoy the freedom of chartering boats worldwide with your recognised sailing qualifications.

Fun and Personal Development

Gain confidence, leadership skills, and a sense of accomplishment through sailing certification.

Safety on the Water

Learn essential safety protocols and navigation techniques to ensure an exciting sailing experience.

Career Opportunities

Open doors to a variety of sailing-related careers, from deckhand to super-yacht captain.


How to get an ISSA certification

Finding a school with ISSA is easy. Simply search our database to find a variety of schools offering courses in your area or further afield.

After completing the course, you'll receive your certification but it doesn't stop there! You can continue to enhance your skills with our course progression options.


Find a School

Find a place where you'd like to learn to sail. And find an ISSA school that operates in that region.


Attend a Course

Gain the knowledge, experience and skills you need by attending the course.


Get Your Certification

Use your certification to go on a cruising holiday and rent a yacht with your friends and family.


Grow Your Skills

Continue to enhance your skills with our course progression options.

Some schools in the ISSA network


Instructor Training

The ISSA Instructor Awards are serious qualifications and are required if you want to become certified to teach ISSA sailing and powerboat courses. You may want to change careers, open a sailing school, or work in one.

Work Abroad

Follow the sun and work at multiple schools across the globe.

Meet Amazing Colleagues

Our Instructors describe making great connections and lifelong bonds with their teams.

Develop Your Skills and Your CV

From a foundations course such as Inshore Skipper, build your competences and pursue a career in the marine industry.

Compliment Existing Skills

Combine scuba-diving, kiteboarding and sailing all in the same job.

Sailing School Accreditation

Relevant and concise training courses for your school.

You can be a progressive modern school moving forward with a professional training organisation and a global outlook.

Access to friendly support and guidance from  our expert team of trainers worldwide.

Standardised high quality student materials and modern teaching methods.

Your students attain a certification recognised worldwide