ISSA Accreditation System

  • Accreditation is offered only to schools that are members of ISSA and have paid the present year subscription fee;
  • Accreditation is granted upon successful inspection made by authorized ISSA inspector;
  • In order to be able to provide training for ISSA Sailing ID cards, the school needs to have at least one authorized instructor;
  • The student forms for SID cards are processed via electronic document processing system.
  • The accreditation has to be renewed every 5 years maximum or sooner if major modifications were done in school or due to other justified reasons indicated by ISSA.

Inspection for Accreditation

  • In order to apply for inspection, one should send a query to ISSA Chief Inspector;
  • The Chief Inspector should agree the date of inspection with the school;
  • The inspection may take place only after the inspection charge fee is recorded on ISSA bank account;
  • The school is responsible for covering the costs of inspectors travel, food and accommodation;
  • The standard of accommodation and food provided for the inspector can be the same as the one provided to the school’s students;
  • The accreditation is granted by ISSA Administrative Council on basis of the Chief Inspector’s recommendation.

Instructor authorization

  • An instructor can obtain ISSA’s authorization in two ways:
    – attend a complete one week instructors’ training
    – attend a one day conversion training (2013 only)
  • Every 5 years the instructors are asked to participate in update sessions.
  • Dates and locations of update sessions will be displayed on the ISSA website;
  • Complete instructor’s training. Dates and locations of complete instructors training are published on ISSA’s website;
  • One day conversion training can be arranged in any location where:
    – suitable yacht is made available for regular training;
    – waters are navigable and suitable for regular sea training;
  • The one day conversion training is offered to present instructors with at least 3 years practice in yachting instructing.
  • Instructor attending the conversion course should be recommended for the course by a school applying for accredition
  • Conversion courses are offered only in 2013.
  • The conversion group can not be bigger than 5 instructors at a time
  • The costs of travelling, food and accommodation are covered by the school arranging the conversion training.
  • List of current inspectors should be displayed on ISSA’s website

Sailing ID Cards

  • ISSA Sailing ID Cards can be issued by authorized instructors working in accredited schools
  • Authorized instructors can provide training and test their students at the following levels
    – Yacht Crew
    – Inshore Skipper
    – Offshore Skipper
  • Authorized instructors can provide training but can not examine for:
    – Master of Yacht
  • Exams for Master of Yacht can be made by authorized examiners
  • List of authorized local examiners will be published on ISSA website

Form Processing System

  • All Sailing ID application forms should be processed via electronic form processing system in accordance with instruction manual provided to the school and its instructors.
  • Sailing ID cards will be sent to the school’s address once all formalities are completed;
  • The printed Sailing ID cards will be sent within 15 working days from the date when all formalities were completed.