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The RIB Skipper Course is an introductory familiarisation course for beginners to RIBs.

Duration: 2 / 3 Days

Get the essential skills for handling a yacht up to 20 Nautical Miles offshore with this practical course.

Duration: 10 Days
Requires: Yacht Crew Certification

The highest level sailing course for recreational yachtsmen.

Duration: 14 Days
Requires: Offshore Skipper, 3000 miles logged

Practical and theory in yacht seamanship and navigation requires good knowledge of the Inshore Syllabus

Duration: 10 Days
Requires: Inshore Skipper+ 800 miles logged or 2 years Experience

a one day course aimed at students wishing to become Inshore Skippers, Offshore Skippers or Yachtmaster Offshore

Duration: 1 Day

A great starter course for beginners to sailing or power boating.

Duration: 4 days
Requires: VHF/SRC Course

Expand Your Skills

At ISS, learning is a continuous journey. After completing a course, you can further enhance your skills by working through our competence tree. Each step builds on your existing knowledge, from dinghy to Commercial.

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Accessible Courses

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Compatibility of Our Courses with Other Systems

At ISSA Sailing Schools, we understand that many sailors come to us with prior certifications. Our courses are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing knowledge and skills, allowing you to pick up where you left off and continue your sailing journey.

ICC Compliant

Some of our courses are ICC compliant, ensuring that you meet the international standards for sailing proficiency around Europe.

Recognition Worldwide

ISSA certifications are recognised the world over for chartering, and proof of capability.