A great meeting with TURNING POINT-stiftung

February 10, 2024

An exceptional encounter unfolded at boot Dusseldorf as ISSA engaged with like-minded collaborators, marking a pivotal moment with the distinguished leadership of TURNING POINT-stiftung. In the vibrant ambiance of ISSA’s booth, the presence of Mr. Heinz-Peter Schmidt, the founder and supervisory board, Mr. Jens Kroker, the managing director, and Ms. Rebecca Ramirez, the advisor to the management board, added a significant dimension to the event.

TURNING POINT-stiftung stands as a foundation committed to facilitating the inclusion of impaired and disadvantaged individuals, extending support to those who are physically, intellectually, or socially challenged. ISSA’s noteworthy contribution to the SIPD project (Sailing Instructor of Persons with Disabilities) reflects a shared commitment to fostering inclusivity within the sailing community. This initiative ensures that the expanses of open waters become accessible to individuals of all abilities.

From the delightful exchange of ideas and visions, both parties acknowledged the immense potential for future collaboration. The synergies discovered during this encounter pave the way for promising partnerships that can further amplify the positive impact on the lives of those who benefit from TURNING POINT-stiftung’s initiatives and ISSA’s dedication to inclusive sailing.

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