Embrace the Adventure at the ISSA Festival of Sails 2024 Turkey

May 10, 2024

This year, the ISSA Festival of Sails will feature two exciting sessions. The first session is scheduled to take place from May 11th to May 18th,2024, in Marmaris, Türkiye.

Be sure to mark your calendars.

The general schedule of the festival is as follows (it may change because of the weather):

May 11, Saturday:

Arrival and receiving of yachts

May 12, Sunday:

Marmaris to Citflik restaurant (welcome dinner)

May 13, Monday:

Azmak to Ekincik (Mi Marina) regatta down wind

May 14, Tuesday:

Trip up Dalaman river 8:30am until 15:00

16:00 Ekincik to Capi Creek, barbeque party on Island in the evening.

May 15, Wednesday:

Late start Capi Creek to Fathie

May 16, Thursday:

Fathie to weather dependand port, anchor for the night

May 17, Friday:

Anchor  to Marmaris goodbye dinner in Marina

Participation in the festival comes with a reasonable fee of 120 Euro per person, and thisinclusive charge covers:

  • 3 delectable dinners
  • An exhilarating disco night complete with a bonfire
  • An unforgettable trip up the Dalaman River

Please note that the cost ofrenting a yacht is not included in the participation fee. Participants will beresponsible for arranging and covering the expenses associated with charteringa yacht directly with the charter company.

For your convenience, we'veprovided a table below detailing the available boats for hire during thefestival in Türkiye. Feel free to explore your options and make the most ofthis incredible sailing experience.

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