Sailing into Inclusivity: SIPD Training 2024 Successfully Conducted in Cyprus

February 16, 2024

The first session of SIPD Training of 2024 was successfully conducted in Cyprus from February 9 to 12. We express our sincere thanks to KITION Marina in Larnaca and Vardi Vela Cyprus ISSA Sailing School for their support throughout the training course. 

SIPD, an acronym for Sailing Instructor of Persons with Disabilities, represents a new category of ISSA instructors established in October 2023. The SIPD program emerged from a profound acknowledgment of the imperative for more inclusive sailing experiences. ISSA is committed to making sailing accessible to all, irrespective of abilities.  

The SIPD is an additional course for the existing ISSA instructors. The ISSA instructors with SIPD licenses can issue the following certificates:

  • Yacht Crew
  • Power Yacht Crew
  • Inland Caregiver of Persons with Disabilities
  • Sea Caregiver of Persons with Disabilities 

ISSA warmly invites individuals interested in becoming SIPD instructors or contributing to the program. Your support will help further our mission of making sailing an enriching and accessible experience for everyone. For next sessions of ISSA SIPD training, please contact Mr. Michal Stronka


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